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Exerting a well made Efficient Method is the Right Choice

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Established by MohammadReza Marivani in 1998

With the long-term investment perspective of the chairman, good effective network made through years of doing business and reliable financial strength, Foundation has became the best-in-class trading company in middle east doing what it knows the most.


We have changed the way investment shall made, we provide a win-win method for the manufacturers and business owners to do their part and be comfortable about the results of it.


Some of trading methods like Barter are old as human existence but they updated through years. Foundation combined its investments with these methods to offer the best ways for trade.


Foundation has made a radical choice, to only invest when there would be 99% chance of success!

AriaNoosh Food Industry

PetroNika Ayric International Trade Group

AriaNavard Amir Manufacturing Industry

Niroo Do Charkh (N2B)

Raad Hadis Napkin Company

Foundation made it clear where there could be high possibility of success, it doesn't matter how much it cost to accomplish that goal; Because of that, we work continuously to support our companies to remain or become best-in-class. If you think that you are a success, ask us for help.



As the oldest form of commerce, Barter still exists in parallel to monetary systems but the thing that make it important is the its benefits in financial crisis periods; As you know, this crisis is permanent.

It doesn't matter how ancient and old school are the in use methods, if they still work that means Foundation can figure them out!

Import and Export

We created demand for our invested companies products across the world and that is where we act to answer those demands.
International Trade, is what Foundation believes in.

This is only the first step towards reviving the ancient Royal Road from Iran to Europe and beyond as one of Foundation's goals.


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